Take control of your utilities & start saving

Increase your revenue with usage-based electricity & water billing to tenants. Reduce your electricity and water costs with AI driven electricity optimization & leakage detection.

Make your existing electric water boiler smart with our controller upgrade. Heat only the water you need, and only when electricity is cheapest (or greenest). 

Use our AI algorithms to seperate your electricity bill by energy device. Gain valuable insights to how you can reduce costs by changing devices, or changing how you use them.

Easily upgrade your electric vehicle charger with remote control, power metering, and AI driven optimized charging times – so you spend less on the electricity you use.

Use our non-invasive ultrasonic clamp-on meter to get real-time insights into your water usage and upcoming bills. 

Gain real-time insight into your electricity consumption, with dedicated metering of your Home consumption, solar panels, electric vehicle charging, and batteries. 

Our Power meters enable you to track you solar production, and your homes consumption at the same time – enabling you to bill your tenants (and electric vehicle charge stations users) for the electricity they use. 

Rest well knowing that our leakage detection meters and sensors are monitoring your water pipes.

Easily meter, control, and optimize when your battery charges and discharges – so you save costs.

Devices need and IQ boost?

Already have smart devices?

Reduce your Electricity & Water bills

Our AI engines are focused on saving you cost. We do this in three ways:

1) By ensuring your boilers, batteries, and electric vehicles use electricity when it costs the least. 

2) By detecting water leaks and notifying you

3) By dividing your electricity bill by energy devices – enabling you to evaluate if you should change the device, or change how (or when) you use it.

Increase your Properties Revenue

We enable you to provide usage-based metering, pricing, billing, and payment collection for electricity and water usage to your tenants. 

This includes buildings with roof-top solar, for buildings that have and don’t have smart meters, and for short-term or long-term rentals. 

Take control over your hot water boiler

AI-based optimization

We use AI to predict how much hot you need, and when you need it. Then we make sure your hot water boiler only heats the hot water necessary, and to use electricity when it is cheapest (and greenest!).

Electricity Monitoring

You can get the most out of your hot water optimization by connecting your smart meter, or installing one of our smart meters. We use this information to improve the optimization algorithms, to make sure you maximize your savings.


We turn your boiler smart - enabling you to manage your preferred maximum boiler temperature from your phone. You can also select vacation mode for when you are away, and boost mode for when family is over!


Check out our savings calculator to receive an estimate on how much you can save by upgrading your hot water boiler. Customers normally experience 10-30% reduction on the cost for heating hot water.

How much does each energy device contribute to your electricity bill?

We use AI to determine which electricity device is consuming energy in real-time. This means you can seperate your bill by lighting, electrical heating, hot water boilers, stove, washing machine, dryer, and more!

We do the same for hot water, enabling you to see how much water you use on showering, washing clothes, and toilets. 

You can use this insight to save costs – either by changing how, or when you use the device, or to evaluate if it is worth changing to a more efficient device. 

Charge your Electric Vehicle when it's cheapest


Take advantage of our AI algorithms to ensure you charge your car when electricity is cheapest.


We provide secure, accurate metering solutions for your electric vehicle charge stations. We use this to help optimize when you charge your vehicle, and to enable you to bill users of your Charge Stations


Make money by renting out your EV Charge Point. We provide the electricity metering, pricing, and billing to users of your EV Charge Point, making it a win-win for both of you. You set your parking spot & Charge Point availability in our app.


We can connect to your smart EV Chargers if you have one. If you don't, we can easily make your EV Charger smart with remote, wireless communication to turn it on and off. You can use this to optimize the charge times of your car, or to control access when you enable others to use you EV Charge Point.

Water Metering

We provide you with real-time data about your water consumption. You can monitor how much water is used, use our AI to determine how water is being consumed in your house (i.e. split by Washing machine, shower, dishwasher, toilets, etc.),  and use our AI to detect leaks before significant damage is done.

Electricity Metering

We provide affordable, accurate, and secure Metering solutions for all of your core electrical infrastructure needs. For example, you can choose to just meter your homes consumption, or you could meter your solar panels, two electric vehicle charge stations, and your battery – all with one Meter!

Increase your Properties Revenue with Solar Metering & usage-based billing

We enable you to meter you Solar panels and provide usage-based billing to your Tenants and Users of your EV Charge Stations.

You can easily future proof your metering solution by choosing our 4-circuit option – enabling you to meter your solar panels, your homes consumption, an electric vehicle charge station, and your Battery!

Water leakage detection

We use our real-time water meter to in combination with our AI algorithms to automatically detect water leaks and report them to you before they do costly damage. 

Battery control & optimization

We have integrated solutions that enable you to meter, control, and optimize your battery usage. In combination with our AI algorithms we ensure you only charge your battery using the cheapest (& greenest) electricity, and discharge your battery when electricity is costing the most. 

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