Bill tenants for roof-top solar electricity

You can use the WattWorker Platform to provide them with usage-based metering, pricing, billing, and payment collection from your tenants for your roof-top solar electricity.

Bill short-term tenants (ex. Airbnb) for utility usage

Provide your short-term tenants with a usage-based pricing, billing, and payment process for their electrical and water usage during their stay.

Bill users of your Electric Vehicle Charge Point

You can additional revenue by letting other Electric Vehicles charge at your Charge Station - we will handle the availability, pricing, billing, and payment process for you.

Provide your Tenants with usage-based billing of your homes utilities - including roof-top solar.

Intelligent Utility Metering

This is the foundation you need to get control and insight over your utilities.

You can use our software and hardware to meter your electricity – whether it comes from the grid, your solar panels, your Battery, or goes to your Electric Vehicle Charge Point.

Meter your water and hot water – including district heating, and hot water boilers.

All our Meters our non-invasive and clamp-on: saving you time on the installation.