Swap your Electric Truck batteries in 3 minutes

Fast swaps enable you to use our smaller batteries which frees up weight for more payload, and lowers your  Total Cost of Ownership. 

It also means you can go anywhere we have a swap station in proximity – opening up Long-haul routes & back-to-back shifts. And now you don’t need to install & manage Depot Charging infrastructure in order to go Electric. 

How we bring Electric Trucks on par with Diesel

Lowest Cost of Ownership

You get all the benefits of Electric – with a lower upfront cost and payload due to the smaller batteries.

Operational Freedom

Go anywhere, 24/7, knowing you can change your batteries faster than you could refuel Diesel or Hydrogen tanks.

Stop charging the Batteries with Batteries

We eliminate the  need for expensive Stationary Batteries for Electric Vehicle Charging Management.

Depot Charging Optional

Fleets can instead use our swap stations or use our mobile swapping service.

Keep your Fleet Up to Date

Smaller, shared batteries mean high utilization – so we can continually upgrade your Electric Fleets batteries.

Strengthen the Grid

We slow charge & fast swap – meaning you get dependable, fast swaps even when the grid is getting overloaded. 

Ready to discuss if this could be right for your fleet?

How does it work?

We designed a light, modular, swappable battery that easily adapts to Class 6-8 Trucks.

Choose the Truck that’s right for you, then select the battery configuration that fits your routes.

150 miles


300 KWh

Battery Capacity

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