Make your hot water heater smart & lower your electricity bill

The smart water heater is part of our Smart Energy Management System for apartment & commercial complexes. 

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Live Smarter

WattWorker is a hassle-free way to turn buildings into intelligent energy assets.

We are an energy company, driven by technology and dedicated to increasing renewable energy by dynamically managing energy consumption of hot water boilers.

Based in Oslo, Norway, WattWorker enables you to improve electricity costs and heating consumption, in a sustainable manner.


Four steps to better energy consumption

Survey site for applicability

Send us a picture of your hot water boiler or let us visit your building for a 5-minute inspection.

Activate your subscription

Sign contract and give WattWorker access to optimize your hot water usage.



We install the smart controller at your property

A licensed electrician installs a smart switch on the boiler that ensures there's no electrical waste. We will then start the optimization software.

Save your wallet and the Earth

Receive monthly reports on energy saved and better your carbon footprint.




Why WattWorker?

Reduce unnecessary heating

Why waste electricity? We ensure you have hot water when you need it, and that you don't waste electricity when you don't.

Cost savings

We ensure you use electricity when it's cheapest. After using our service we estimate up to 30% savings on your electricity bill.

Reallocate energy

We free up charging capacity for electrical vehicles, without jeopardizing the hot water availability.

Smart prediction

Based on historical, current, and forecast data, our system determines when you need hot water.

Better your carbon footprint

Think green and don't keep your water boiling. 

Save the electricity for when it's actually needed.

...and much more!

We are constantly iterating and improving our services such as better utilization of solar panels.


Our Team

WattWorker took form over the course of the Antler Tech Accelerator programme in Oslo. Drawing on a challenge posed by Hafslund-ECO: How do we reduce grid instability with increasing variability from Renewable Energy? Out of this challenge - and 10 years in the Renewable Energy industry - came WattWorker.

Sven Peterson


Sven has 10 years of experience in Renewable Energy, primarily from Vestas Wind Systems, where he was the Director of Business Development and the Project Management Office. He has an EMBA from Henley, and BA in Political Science.


Deepak Palaksha


Deepak holds a Ph.D. in Electrical systems from NTNU, an MSc Honors from Sarlaand University in Computer and Communication Technology, and a BSc in Electronics. He is experienced in the areas of signal processing, embedded systems, machine learning, and IT development.


Safoan Alhalali

Chief Analytics Officer

Safoan holds a Ph.D. in Power and Energy Systems Engineering from
University of Waterloo, an MSc from University Putra Malaysia in
Control Systems Engineering, and a BSc in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering. He is experienced in the areas of Data Science, power
and energy systems, embedded systems, and control systems.


Sebastian de Lange Kofoed

Business Developer

Sebastian has a dual Bachelor's degree in Business Analytics & Economics from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. He has previously worked with venture development at Antler and his main strengths lie within strategy and business development.

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